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Luxie​ Liz


Gift Cards

Lates​t Design!

Crafting is LIFE!

What's something that you enjoy doing that gives you life in a sense? For those that are curious to try their hand at crafting, I'll be offering custom crafting kits that will allow you to explore your creative side! More information on Luxie Liz Craft Kits will be available soon! 


Our Products



*Starting Price

* What size/style tumbler?

12 oz to 30 oz

Skinny, Curve, Coffee Mug or Tapered

* Choose the design for your cup

* Words/Phrases

*Image (additional cost)

**  Yeti tumblers can be customized for an additional cost.



*Starting Price

*Sizes: 9 x 9 or 11 x 14

*Frame Color 

(Black, Tan, White, Brown, Gray)

*Color Scheme/Theme



*Starting Price

*Color scheme/theme

*Images (additional cost)

           Other Items We Customize: 

* Coffee Mugs 

* Wine Glasses (stemless)

* Decorative Letters

* Paper Flowers (for any wall in your house or business!)

*Anything else that's customizable!!

Birthdays, anniversaries or "just because" gifts are all reasons to shop with Luxie Liz! If you're a business owner interested in personal items with your business logo or for promotional purposes, I've got you! Click on the button below and let's chat!

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