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Luxie​ Liz


Gift Cards

Crafting with Love

Having the ability to creatively express yourself is a gift! Unable to exactly pinpoint when my love of crafting began, I can definitely tell you that it has developed tremendously over the last 2 years. I'm passionate about everything I create so I take my time planning and crafting every item you see (and don't)! You'll enjoy my creations as much as I do. 


Kalissia Veal

 Owner & Crafter

Greetings visitors and loyal customers! Thank you so much for checking out the website or placing an order. Named for my daughter, Keri Elizabeth, Luxie Liz, LLC has been in business since May 2020 and was indeed a leap of faith I'd been afraid to take. The pandemic sped things up a bit so here we are! 

Accolades don't matter much to me so I won't bother mentioning them here.  I'm a mother, writer, and a faithful binger of a good tv show! Prior to COVID, I was either out enjoying someone's sushi bar with a nice glass of red or at a local bookstore relaxing with a cup of coffee. Now I've found joy in crafting and the simpler things. 😊